American Queen Steamboat Company

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the beautiful rivers of the United States? Maybe not until recently! But this thought might have crossed your mind now that Covid-19 has shut down most international travel. If you love river cruising, then you might consider the American Queen Steamboat Company as an option for US travel. ThisContinue reading “American Queen Steamboat Company”

What You Need to Know About Future Cruise Credits

So, your dream vacation for 2020 has been dashed to the rocks by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whether you were headed on an ocean cruise, river cruise, or land tour, you are most likely stuck at home until at least the fall.  For those of you that took Future Cruise Credits (FCCs) or Future Cruise VouchersContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Future Cruise Credits”

Top 10 Advantages of River Cruising

Ocean cruising is awesome (like, we get it…it’s all the rage nowadays), but have you ever considered river cruising instead? Exploring our planet’s intricate rivers can be just as amazing as cruising the seven seas. Although cruising the ocean is incredible and offers many great experiences, river cruising allows you to witness epic sights andContinue reading “Top 10 Advantages of River Cruising”